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Quotes on Prayer

June 16, 2006
  • "When one is in very great pain and fear, it is extremely difficult to pray coherently, and I could only raise my mind in anguish to God and ask for strength to hold on." – Sheila Cassidy
  • "God insists that we ask, not because He needs to know our situation, but because we need the spiritual discipline of asking." – Catherine Marshall

Quotes on Trials

June 16, 2006
  • "Though trials come, though fears assail, though tests scarce understand, one truth shines clear; it cannot fail. My God is right and good." – Hager
  • "I don't pray that you may be delivered from your troubles. Instead, I pray that God will give you the strength and patience to bear them." – Brother Lawrence

Quotes on Pain

June 16, 2006
  • "God whispers to us in our conscience, speaks to us in our joys, and shouts to us in our pain." – CS Lewis
  • "Pain was not given thee merely to be miserable under; learn from it, turn it to account." – Thomas Carlyle
  • "Pain is life – the sharper, the more evidence of life." – Charles Lamb
  • "Jesus did not come to explain away suffering or remove it. He came to fill it with His Presence." – Paul Claudel
  • "Bodily pain affects man as a whole down to the deepest layers of his moral being. It forces him to face again the fundamental questions of his fate, of his attitude toward God and fellow man, of his individual and collective responsibility and of the sense of his pilgrimage on earth." – Pope Pius XII
  • "Everywhere a greater joy is preceded by a greater suffering." – St. Augustine
  • "I take comfort in the fact that somehow, in the mysterious resources of the human spirit, even pain can serve a higher end." – Dr. Paul Brand

Quotes on Attitude

June 16, 2006
  • "We cannot always choose our path in life, but we can choose how we will walk in it – as victims or victors." – Minnie S. Davis
  • "Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional."
  • "Every day might not be good, but there's some good in every day."
  • "The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings, by changing the inner attitdes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives." – William James
  • "Gratitude is the single response most nourishing to health." – Dr. Hans Selye
  • "To a very large extent, the course of healing in any individual patient depends on what takes place in the mind. The challenge of medicine is to find a way to harness the awesome powers of the mind in recovery." – Dr. Paul Brand
  • "The only cure for suffering is to face it head on, grasp it 'round the neck, and use it." – Mary Craig
  • "I use the term 'pain intensifiers' for responses that heighten the perception of pain within the conscious mind. These intensifiers – fear, anger, guilt, loneliness, helplessness – may have more impact on the overall experience of pain than any prescription drug you might take." – Dr. Paul Brand
  • "The presence of a caring person can have an actual, measurable effect on pain and healing." – Dr. Paul Brand
  • "One of the most important gifts we in the health profession can offer our patients is hope, thereby inspiring in the patient a deep conviction that inner strength can make a difference in the struggle against pain and suffering." – Dr. Paul Brand
  • "Sufering is only intolerable when nobody cares. One continually sees that faith in God and his care is made infinitely easier by faith in someone who has shown kindness and sympathy." – Cicely Saunders